The Wizard Supports a Second Opinion!

On Sunday, February 2, Squeegee and the Second-in-Command were upset that they reluctantly crawled from their warm beds to hear that Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter!

The Second-in-Command declared, “I want a second opinion! The groundhog must be wrong!”

“Woof!” agreed Squeegee. So they started a group to petition that Punxsutawney Phil be awakened again to provide the correct a second opinion that Spring would come early. And of course groups need shirts to promote their causes, so they went to Image Wizard and their wish for the perfect shirt (long-sleeved and warm of course) was quickly granted!

Image Wizard has a variety of short and long-sleeved shirts, including sweatshirts, in sizes S to XL.The line of humor tees sells for $18.95. All online orders include FREE SHIPPING, or can be sent for free pick-up in store within 24 hours of ordering online. Order by sending an email to


It’s Almost February!

It’s almost February….and that means Groundhog Day, Superbowl Sunday and Valentine’s Day are coming up!

Image Wizard is the perfect place to shop for all three of these events, whether you need a monogrammed hat for warmer groundhog and pigskin watching, or if you want a custom tee printed with a picture that’s special to your loved one! The possibilities are endless!

Greetings from the Frozen Tundra!

Squeegee and the Second-in-Command’s teeth are chattering it’s so cold!

Maybe if they put on a cuddly hooded sweatshirt over their dye sublimated tee-shirts, and make sure they wear their Image Wizard fleece hat and insulated coat when they have to go outside they would get warm again!

If you don’t want to go outside in the near zero temps, you can still visit Image Wizard online! Just visit Image Wizard’s website at


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

2014 is going to bring a lot of new things for Image Wizard! A second location will be opening soon and our current location will have a new look and new in-house services when our expansion is finished!

Don’t forget Valentine’s Day is coming! Why not skip the expensive flowers that only last a few days and give an inexpensive, customized item that will last nearly forever? Plus flower stores don’t have Squeegee.

Stop in or visit our website at

It’s Not Too Late!

If you’re scrambling around trying to find the perfect gift, it’s not too late to purchase a personalized dye sublimated product from Image Wizard!Stop in to the Mountville location or send an email to

All online orders include FREE SHIPPING, or can be sent for free pick-up in store within 24 hours of ordering online.

If you stop in, make sure to give Squeegee extra attention! He’s recuperating from surgery but is still in the shop keeping an eye on things and still happy to see everyone!

Squeegee in "his" chair
Squeegee in “his” chair

Update on the Wizard

Thanks for your patience during the last few weeks! We’re excited to announce that things are getting back to normal for Squeegee and the 2nd in Command, so Image Wizard will soon be posting more client profiles and product descriptions. We will also be posting some updates about our expansion and renovation projects! Please keep visiting so you don’t miss anything!

Where is the Wizard?

Sorry everyone that there haven’t been any updates for a little bit. Squeegee and the 2nd in Command are facing a tough time, so please keep them in your prayers that things will be back to normal very soon!!!!

More articles will come soon, please keep visiting so you don’t miss when the wizard returns!

The Wizard Makes Us Laugh

Do you know someone who just turned 21? Or just graduated from law school? Do you just have a wacky sense of humor? Then the Finally Legal “humor tee” is the perfect gift or just because purchase!

Interpretive Humor!

Interpretive Humor!

The text has a funky block appearance with “rough” edges. Because this is another product of Image Wizard’s dye sublimation line of apparel, the design is integrated into the fabric and does not interfere with the wearer’s comfort.

Don’t forget that this type of imprinting is more durable than other imprinting techniques so will still look great after many washes!

The Finally Legal shirts come in sizes S to XL, and sell for $18.95. All online orders include FREE SHIPPING, or can be sent for free pick-up in store within 24 hours of ordering online, Order by sending an email to

Please keep visiting this blog to see more of the “humor tee” line of products! At least then we won’t hear you groan at the bad jokes!

Take the Wizard to an Event

Did you know that Image Wizard does more than spiritwear and casual tees? This week’s product is a customized tee shirt that Image Wizard created for a very special fundraising event. The tee is another example of Image Wizard’s dye sublimated capabilities.

Fundraiser shirt

Fundraiser shirt

This adorable little boy needs a kidney, and his family goes to Nemours/Alfred I Dupont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Delaware three times a week for dialysis. In October the boy’s family participated in the National Kidney Foundation’s 2013 Wilmington Kidney walk as members of the Dupont Hospital’s team.

With Image Wizard’s help, the family created approximately 90 tees and sold all of them to family and friends before the event and raised $501. The entire Dupont Hospital team raised approximately $1,300. To date the National Kidney Foundation has raised $92,327.55 to raise awareness of kidney disease and fund programs to educate the community and help families affected by kidney disease!

Fundraiser shirt - back

Fundraiser shirt – back

Image Wizard has created other fundraising shirts for this family to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Every May the family works with a local high school student to design a shirt featuring a child who will benefit from a motorcycle ride, and gives the design to Image Wizard to create as a tee. They also use Image Wizard for personal tees for family basketball players, and used Image Wizard even before the 2nd in Command took over the business many years ago!

This family has stayed with Image Wizard so long because they are very happy with the quality of Image Wizard’s products. They have worn some Image Wizard tees for over five years and they STILL look great! Image Wizard also provided exceptional customer service by always having the orders ready when the family requested they be completed.

Let Image Wizard create your special event tees so you can focus on the other important details to raise awareness and donations for the cause!

Please visit the National Kidney Foundation’s website for more information about this very important organization!

The Wizard Knows What You Like

Today Image Wizard caught up with Todd Vaughn, Baseball Commissioner for the Mountville Youth Athletic Association (MYAA).

Mountville Travel Uniforms front

Baseball Spiritwear

He oversees the purchase of the uniforms worn by the 21 boys’ baseball teams: the in-house (instructional and T-ball) teams of 5-8 year olds, and the travel teams of 9-14 year olds. Image Wizard supplies the MYAA with a full uniform consisting of hat, shirt, pants and socks for the travel teams, and hats and shirts for the in-house teams. Todd has used Image Wizard personally for approximately eight years, and for the baseball teams for about three years!


Baseball Spiritwear

Baseball Spiritwear

Todd’s relationship with Image Wizard began years ago when he was coaching T-ball and wanted to get matching shirts for the parents. Because he was dissatisfied with the delivery and quality of a previous supplier, he searched the area for a “local print shop” and found Image Wizard. He then joined the ranks of the multitudes who were entranced by Squeegee, but he also really liked the easy-going nature of the 2nd in Command. Since the first order, “Image Wizard was always very easy to deal with and has good prices.”

Besides the embroidered hats and shirts with standardized fonts and colors, Todd has used Image Wizard a bit differently by requesting several 4’x5′ advertisement signs be reconditioned for use on the baseball fields. The 2nd in Command also provides Todd’s coaches with advice on color combinations to create multiple shirt configurations for MYAA’s travel teams that participate in multiple tournaments during the season!

Todd’s favorite thing about Image Wizard, besides the obvious that he loves getting greeted by Squeegee, is that he always deals with the 2nd in Command, who has “always been a very easy guy to deal with, and nothing is ever a problem that Image Wizard can’t or won’t fix. We have a good rapport and he knows exactly what I like.”

As we left Todd he said, “MYAA loves Squeegee!! We always make sure to give him lots of special attention and treats!!”

Maybe THAT’s why Squeegee loves being in the shop so much!! Or maybe he just enjoys seeing all of Image Wizard’s satisfied customers.

For more information about the Mountville Youth Athletic Association, please visit their website.